Fluoride Neuro Toxin

Water Fluoridation Is:

  • the illegal disposal of industry’s toxic waste in municipal drinking water, framed by some as “free dental care for the poor

  • the illegal mass medication of entire communities without informed consent using a bioacculative hazardous material never approved or regulated as a drug, food additive or nutritional supplement, framed by some as “protecting the public

  • the pollution of community drinking water and local environment with highly corrosive man-made waste never subjected to proper toxicological study, framed by some as “natural

  • medical experimentation using unconsenting human research subjects, never subjected to randomized clinical trials, framed by some as “doing the right thing

  • not safe, not effective, not legal, not moral, not necessary, not a good use of taxpayer’s money

  • something that could cause a regulated health professional to lose their license if they did it to even one patient, and so they use their “authority” to convince intellectually lazy (at best) politicians to do it for them

  • something that would lead to serious criminal charges, probably jail time and possibly a mental health diagnosis if the average person did it to even one family for one day


For more comprehensive information on water fluoridation – a harmful and illegal uncontrolled medical experiment being forced on unsuspecting residents – please visit Fluoride Action Network. http://fluoridealert.org/ (There are over 53,000 fluoride studies listed on PubMed alone!)