Next-Steps for those who serve King Jesus the Right Hand of God

1. Put your faith in God —King Jesus alone (no man). He meets you right where you're at (Savior) and then let him lead you as your King. 

2. Don't vaccinate. Don't vaccinate. Don't vaccinate. 

There is mercury & aluminum (see what happens when they meet past the blood brain barrier), fetal tissue from aborted children, pig tissue, Formaldehyde, and many other things you wouldn't want injected Into your child — 30+ times by 2 years old. 

3. Invest in your children. Read them the Bible. Keep the commandments. Homeschool If possible, and lead to entrepreneurship.

4. Get healthy, drink distilled water (fluoride free), quit vices, remove blockages (Idols).

5. Move towards self sufficiency no matter how small the step.

6. Build skills and also forge relationships centered on Jesus.

7. Seek first the Kingdom of God (in all you DO) and all will be added to you.

8. Pray/Think to Jesus moment by moment. The Spirit of Jesus will guide your moves and lead you to true fruit.

9. The only denomination that counts is YOU + Jesus.

10. Fearlessly serve King Jesus. He Is greater than any giant, Gov, Org, and world.